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About AtBas

Welcome at my website with apps that I have written during the years..
All software here is accompanied with its sourcecode which I think is the only way you should distribute software.

Current software:

2Fax - a utility which converts an ascii file to a fax formatted file and has some nice little features like pcx overlays.

Barkix - Barcode generator for PCL printers without the need for fontcartridges

miniDB - miniDB is a small and fast isam/btree library/program for record based access, used as standalone or as client/server. Features: small footprint (less than 30 kb), multi-field indexes, autoincrement fields, database logging and without sql :)

SATutils - 2 utilities for SATGUI which supplies a general calculator and calender. SATGUI is a tcl frontend/application framework for 'small' application using a 2 tier client/server architecture.

Andokus - Andoku game for Android

pCmd - windows cmd.exe replacement, with custom commands and an integrated perl interpreter which allows you to mix batch and perl intructions in the same .cmd file

wCron - Cron under unix is wonderfull, was missing it under windows, so this is a cron service for windows

wSSH - a restricted SSH service for Windows.

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