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 2Fax: ASCII commands

        Each line in a ASCII file is checked if it starts with one of
        the following commands (unless switch /NC is used) :

                       LM   = new leftmargin.
                              if margin = zero current margin is taken.
                       FILE = Include file can be an ASCII or PCX file
                              when EOF is encoutered, original file is
                       LM   = same as .INCLUDE but LM is only used
                              for the PCX file
                       FILE = A PCX file which is used at the same time
                              with the ASCII file.
                              Used for logos, signatures, maps, etc.
        .LM:<lm>       define new LM for ASCII files
                       LM position is always calculated as font 0 (16 bits)
        .PL:<nolines>  define new pagelength in lines
        .PI:<inches>   define new pagelength in inches
        .SP            enable short pages
        .F<fontno>     new font number
        .FN:<fontfile> new font filename
        .SC:<scale>    set xy scalefactor
        .SX:<scale>    set x scale factor
        .SY:<scale>    set y scale factor
        <ESC>U         start underlining
        <ESC>u         end   underlining
        <ESC>P         switch to 80 column font
        <ESC>K         switch to 96 column font
        <ESC>M         switch to 132 column font

        Instead of using single commands starting with a .  you can now also use
        {% } markers in a line. Each . command and all commandline options can be used.
	For instance: switching to {%132}small and switching to {%80}big font chars
	and to a different font using {%fn:1,cour.fnt} etc.