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 2Fax: History


  Version:     Changes:
  ---------    ----------------------------------------------------------
    3.05       expandtabs function has a security hole, changed
   	       the code. Thanks to Ariel Berkman.
    3.04       Changed g3 and tiff code, due to minor image corruption
    3.03       Nothing changed in 2fax, but a set of new font
  	       programs where added.
  	       Now you can export and import font files to an ascii
  	       file and let you customize the current fonts.

    3.02       Filecheck for pcx or ascii file improved

    3.01       Width of ascii line better calculated
               bugfix when mixing an .INCLUDE pcx file
	       Always wanted to do landscape, so here it is:
 	       Added cmdline option -landscape and -lpm: for
 	       support for landscape faxlayouts

    2.06       Last page in a multi-page tiff file is not
  	       correctly numbered in the tiffheader.

    2.05       cmdline fontname was overruled by the default one.
               Altered that init of default font is done first
  	       before parsing cmdline options.
    2.04       Reduced a fixed offset of 64 pixels to 2 pixels
  	       when building a fax image.
  	       Problem with a 1728 width pcx file solved.
  	       Thanks to Ole Hansen for sending me examples.
 	       .INCLUDE works now with leftmargin offset.
	       Security fix, added code to prevent buffer overflow.

    2.03       Little and big endian fixes

    2.02       Little and big endian compatible

    2.01       More changes. All cmdline options and the
               include and overlay commands can be used in the 
               ascii file wherever you want it.
               Just inclose it between {% } marks, for example:
               this is (%132}small or {%80} big
               or {%fn:1,cour.fn} font, logo: {%overlay:logo.pcx}
               Added {%pcx: } shorter for {%overlay: } and {%incl: }
               instead of {%include: }
               Added fontcaching to speed up 80/132 column switching
    1.90       -bpcx: cmdline switch for a pcx background for each faxpage. 
               Pagebreak on pagelines when pagesize was set with -pl: instead 
	       of calculating size.
  	       Pixel interspacing between chars and lines for simulating 
	       different fontsizes (-xw: -xd: ).
  	       Added ESC P, ESC K and ESC M for switching between 80,96 and 
	       132 column fonts (2fax.fnt & cour.fnt)
  	       Added -tm: -bm: cmdline switches for specifying pixel margins.

    1.85       Maximum width from ascii input line raised from  
               200 to 1023 positions (Andrew Nikitin).

    1.80       fn in fopen was incorrect.                        

    1.75       We are moving to Linux :). So I adapted the source 
               to compile under Linux. Seems to work. Sending now
               with Hylafax (7 modem lines).
               Source needs cleaning and restructering.

    1.70       Tiff-Class-F output support. Thanks to BJ Guillot   
               for his support. Not sure if it is working.
               Perhaps someone wants to make this working ?!.
               Added commandline switch  /ZYX to get zyxel output

    1.65       fixed the pcxbug (thanks to Konstantin Kevorkov CSI) 
               fixed bug in expandtab()
               used newvar type like byte, ubyte, word, uword,
               dword, udword for easier moving 32-bit platforms

    1.63       Choose between 2 fonts at compile time FONT0 & FONT1 both
               in lowres.
               Skipped even lines when using highres fonts in lowres mode,
               changed this to odd lines (same as MAKEFAX)
               2FAX.FNT now has 2 fonts (same as BGFAX.FNT)

    1.62       Default font definition in memory, no use of 2fax.fnt if
	       you stick with this font (2fax.fnt 16x16 lowres)
	       Suggestion of Rudi Peterzen.

    1.61       Better use of highres fontbitmap when scaling in
               multiples of 2 in lowres faxmode.

    1.60       Bug pagelen in highres mode fixed
               Added use of multiple PCX files (max 10, see TEST.ASC)
               Overall speed up of 30%
               Documentation for fontlayout improved

    1.52       Bug multiple inputfiles fixed, source 2fax.c included
               added errorlevels

    1.51       Bug fixed with proportional fonts, little speedup with
               PCX files

    1.50       Use always flexible textline with lots of speedups
               is almost twice as fast !!!!

    1.41       Use only flexible textline mapping when needed to
               speed things up.  Need some good asm bitblit functions

    1.40       Flexible textline mapping (sorry, convert gets slower)
               Necessary in case of prop fonts and fixed fonts
               with different dimensions (12x16 - 132ch/line,
                                          20x16 - 80ch/line)
               Also needed it for scaling (large letters)
               Added scaling and underlining
               Added /F in cmdline

    1.30       Own FONT file.
               Fontfile with id and headers for each font.
               Converted BGFAX.FNT to new layout.
               Option for Proportionel fonts included (no fonts
                                                       yet available)
               In case of a prop. font the fontheader must be followed by
               a specification of the width off each character

    1.20       Revision J of BGFAX has a different BGFAX.FNT
               Support for font F0 and F1, NOT for F2
               Added /F0 and /F1 in cmdline
               Added command .FN:
               Future version will have flexible fonts (ex 12x16)

    1.11       Added /Q quiet switch

    1.10       Multiple input files from cmdline
               Use of commands in ASCII files.

    1.03       Added some switches  /LM (leftmargin), /PS (pagesize)
               Tab expansion in ascii files

    1.02       Included pcx files

    1.00       Copy of makefax.pas  to C (only ascii files)
               Lot of trouble with those arrays (0-based  1-based)
               My pascal isn't that good anymore.