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 2Fax: Syntax

     2FAX <infile1> ... <infilen> <outfile> [<switches> ....]

       <infile1> ... <infilen> = multiple input files
                     <outfile> = of course 1 output file (Tiff/Zyxel format)

        -HR       = highresolution                                (MAKEFAX)
        -MR       = mrcoding                                      (MAKEFAX)
        -LM:8     = leftmargin , default 0
        -NC       = no commands, no check in inputfiles for commands
        -PL:66    = pagelength in lines
        -PI:11    = pagelength in inches
        -SP       = short sized pages                             (MAKEFAX)
        -Q        = reduce some output
        -SC:1     = set XY scale factor
        -SX:1     = set X sacle factor
        -SY:1     = set Y scale factor
        -F<fntno> = fontno                                        (MAKEFAX)
        -FN:[<fntno>,]<file>  select font file & fontno
        -TIFF     = creates TIFF output file
        -Zyx      = creates Zyxel output file
	-bpcx:<filename> = pcxfile for page background
	-tm:20    = page topmargin in pixellines
	-bm:16    = page bottom margin in pixellines
	-xw:2     = add . pixels between each char
	-xd:1     = add . pixelline between char lines
	-80       = start with a 80 column font
	-96       = start with a 96 column font
	-132      = start with a 132 column font
	-landscape = rotate image 90 degrees
	-lpm:8     = landscape left and right margin

  Default commandline switches can be set in the file 2FAX.CNF