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 Andokus: General

Andokus is a modified version of the original Andoku program by Markus Wiederkehr

The original program can be found at:
and is in my opinion one of the best Android Sudoku programs.

The Andokus version offers some addional features: Single pencil marks/notes Dedicated Note button Blank easy #1 puzzle for manual input off a new game. load/save game state load a game from the internet
Some pictures:
Changelog: 1.3.3s (2011-04-27) merged with original source to revision 417 1.3.3s (2011-04-17) merged with original source to revision 416 moved to same com.googlecode.andoku packet so sdm file can be imported added remote load of new puzzle from internet (requires internet rights) 1.3.2s (2010-09-10) initial release with single pencil marks. added dedicated note button changed #1 easy puzzle to blank, so you can enter your own.