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 Barkix: Example

Example for code39 barcodes: Vertical and horizontal barcodes can be generated: A <&bA010804> Item 123-4567 0 <&B1234567> 1 0 Loc. A010804 (scale 1.5) 8 <&15BA010804> 0 4 Examples for KIX code: The program wil scan the streetname en city code for the information needed to make KIX code Company name <&SDutchstreet 10 > <&P1234 PR Someplace > <&K kix barcode > kixcode = [<&k ascii kixcode >] Or with an addresslist the kixcode can be generated, like: custno;Name ;<&Sstreetname 24 a-b >;<&P1234 AB city>;<&k > custno;Name ;<&Sstreetname 1001abc >;<&P5678 BC city>;<&k > custno;Name ;<&Sstreetname 4a >;<&P1234 DE city>;<&k > If you parse both examples through barkix you will get this file: example.pcl