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 Barkix: General

Barcode generator for PCL without the need for fontcartridges

This program will generate pcl commands for drawing the lines of a barcode
currently it supports: code 3 of 9 and KIX postal barcode (Dutch KPN)

The program will scan the textlines for input starting with an <&
and which ends with > (the . specifies an action)

syntax:   <&[<scale>]<action>.....>
         B = Replaced by a horizontal code39 barcode
         b = Replaced by a vertical code39 barcode

         S = streetname, needed for KIX code (contents is preserved)
         P = postalcode, needed for KIX code (contents is preserved)
         K = Replaced by a KIX barcode 
         k = Replaced by a readable KIX code

     Option: <scale> print barcode/kixcode with scale/10.0
	    example <&15B1234567>   will use a 1.5 scale barcode

Remark: Barcode will only be generated when the has been started in hp mode (barkix -hp), else it will replace the contents with spaces