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 miniDB: Changes

Revision 2.4  2010/07/09 

- Added mdb2json to produce JSON style output  
  (Thanks to Mark Constable for suggestion and help with MIT license)

Revision 2.3  2010/07/07 

- Change the license terms to MIT which is a more standard license
- Adapted some code so it compiles without warnings on gcc 4.4
- Formatted code to K&R style

Revision 2.2  2010/02/26 

- Corrected the license in the sources to match that on the website
- no code changes made

Revision 2.1  2003/10/09 

- Replaced BPLUS package with new free btree library
- mdbfilter program added.
- mdb2xml program added.
- More options and commands.
- mdb program is now 26K large (small)

In order to upgrade from mdb 1.0, you need to rebuild your 
indexes since the old btree library is replaced by a new one.
You can do this by: mdb -k0  B
This will rebuild all the indexes for that file.

Revision 1.0  2003/03/23 

- Initial release