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 miniDB: General

Welcome to the miniDB isam/btree library/program.

This library was created to have a small fast isam/btree library
for record keybased access. There is no sql interface available or planned.

- small footprint (less than 26 Kb)
- multiple indexes on a datafile (max 10)
- multiple fields in a index (max 8)
- autoincrement keys
- datafile is ascii based
- cmdline interface for usage in scripts
- client/server or standalone usage
- database logging
- single executable

For more information about btrees :
Book : Sorting and Searching Algorithms by Thomas Niemann, Portland, Oregon

Included files:
- bt.c			all btree routines
- mdb_lib.c		all mdb isam routines	
- mdb_client.c		mdb wrapper for client/server use
- mdb_net.c		all mdb network routines	
- mdb.c			miniDB standalone with a cmdline interface
- mdbserver.c	 	miniDB server daemon	
- mdbfilter.c           filter program for mdb output
- mdb2xml.c             output from mdb is converted to xml
- mdb2json.c            output from mdb is converted to JSON

The isam datafile is an ascii based file, so that it still can be parsed
using standard utilities (like grep, awk, ..). 
All valid records in the datafile start with the letter R, so to
extract all the records : grep "^R" demo.dat