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 miniDB: Syntax

There is a simple cmdline interface called 'mdb' which you can use 
standalone or as client/server program to access the data.

mdb syntax:

Syntax: mdb [-b] [-r] [-k] [-h ] [-p ]
                             [ []]
 Options:  -b  assign a stringid for recognising empty fields
               used when updating a record
           -f  show field names before data
           -k  select key
           -r  retrieve .. number of rows
           -h  hostname (only in case of client/server)
           -p  portno (default 7221)
           -u  used fields

       cmd = f,l   (first,last)
             p,e,n (previous, equal, next)
             a,u,d (add, update, delete)
	     s     (search)
	     r     (retrieve record 1..n)
	     B,C,D (reBuild, create or drop index)
	     L     (database logging on/off)

mDB always want to have a : filename & cmd

Look at the example page for more info.


mDBserver is the daemon you need when using the mDBclient.

Syntax: mdbserver [-d <directory>] [-l] [-p <portno>]
  Options:  -d  database directory
            -l  log commands to stdout
 	    -p  portno (default 7221)

mdbfilter - will filter the output of mdb
            ex. mdb -f -r10 demo s data|mdbfilter -f "name|id|"

mdb2xml   - output from mdb will be outputted as xml
            ex. mdb -f -r10 demo s data|mdbfilter -f "name|id|"|mdb2xml

mdb2json  - output from mdb will be outputted as JSON
            ex. mdb -f -r2 demo s '12344'|mdb2json -p "tbl_" -r