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 pCmd: General

pCmd is a cmd and perl script executor. 
The base of the program consist of the excellent ReactOS cmd.exe which is 
modified to enable to mix cmd and perl code in a script.

For example:

   @echo off
     set var1=123
     perlcall :plfunc
     echo %var1%
     goto end
      print "we are in perl !\n";

The zip file contains the full source and the exes.
The cmd.exe is just a normal cmd.exe
the pcmd.exe has a embedded perl interpreter in it.
The pcmd-crypt.exe can encrypt cmd shell or perl scripts which can be executed with pcmd.exe.

Default the pcmd.exe is linked with the plcenc_lib.lib which also will read encrypted .pmd and .plc file.
In the project there is a plc_lib project which will create a dummy plc_lib.lib which doesn't understand encrypted files.

- 4.01   13 april 2016
  sources synchronised with the current ReactOS cmd shell versions
  linked against perl-5.22.1 library  
  added support for encrypted scripts
  able to run standard perl scripts
  added dynamic trace output :  set CMDTRACE=on
  default PathExt :  .com .exe .cmd .pmd .pl .plc