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 SATutils: About SATGUI

SATGUI is a framework in which (Microsoft -or- X) Windows Client / Unix Server applications can be developed. SATGUI is intended for small/simple applications with a relatively small user base, where the heavy-weight development tools from the likes of Oracle/Ingres are too expensive/bloated/complex.

With this in mind SAT was developed using the following guidelines:-

  • Small (single file) client.
  • All Application code on server.
  • Simple window layout language.
  • Low network bandwidth requirements.

No (Microsoft -or- X) Windows development skills are required. Any programmer with a reasonable grasp of Unix shell script can produce useful applications with the minimum of fuss.

SAT applications can be written in most Unix character based languages; C, Shell script, Perl etc. To produce SQL based database applications the SAT package includes a filter to simplify interfacing SAT with the MySQL database system.

The UNIX components of SATGUI are implemented as scripts for easy portability.

For more information about SAT, look at