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 SATutils: syntax

Satcalc is a popup calculator 
  (and it probally need some calculation improvements)

     satcalc <fieldname> [<x> <y> <border options>
     if border options = "none" only hidden fields are created
     addHotKey {Control-Key-z {satcalc :focus '30' '10' 'sunken darkgray'} }
     addHotKey {Control-Key-z {satcalc :focus '30' '10' '-'} }
  This will bind the key Ctrl-Z to the popup calculator and
  will pass it the current entryname, whch will receive the calculation 
  results  and the start x,y coordinates to popup.
  The last parameter can be used to pass additonal addGrid attributes,
  when you pass '-' or nothing it will use its defaults (sunken black green)

Satdate is a datechecker and popup calender.  

     satdate <user> <access> <printer> <date> <pos> <fieldname> <dateformat> 
             					    <options> [<force popup>
 	  date=correct date according to dateformat 
 	       or partial date ex. 11 gives back day 11 of current month/year
 	       or offset, starts with - or +  
                   ex. +10 gives current date + 10 days 
          fieldname=name of field which receives the date
          dateformat="-dmy"  1e pos gives seperator (' '=none)
 				next 3 gives sequence  ex. -ymd = yyyy-mm-dd
                    "-" uses a default "/mdy"
          options=raised .. (whatever is supported by SAT)  "-" uses raised
 	  popup=anything, if arg is present it forces a popup window
          addEntry {createdate 10,5 10,10 {satdate createdate '42,7' :focus
								     '-dmy'} }
          addButton {b_createdate 32,5 16 icon(zoom) {satdate createdate '42,7'
					 'createdate' '-dmy' '-' '-' 'force'}}

        this will bind the satcal program to the field, activating the satdate
        program to validate the entry made.