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 wCron: General

wCron is a windows service program which simulate a unix cron daemon
It is very powerfull windows taskschedular which wakes up every minute
and startups background tasks which are defined in a crontab file.

    - small footprint
    - windows service
    - can be run interactive for testing
    - multiple cron servers can be running simultaneous
      each with his own user account
    - compatible unix style files
    - support for time ranges like 1-30/2 or */10
    - different log levels
    - source included (vc++ 6.0)

wCron can be run on NT based operating systems, starting from Windows NT version 4.0. There are no special hardware requirements, any computer that can run WinNT will be sufficient. wCron uses a very low amount of resources, the wCron service only reloads the file when it is changed