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 wCron: Installation

For the installation you will need administrator rights
Download the zip file and run the program Setup_wCron.exe
This Windows installer will ask you for the install directory and unpack all files.

The wCron program can be run as a console or as a service.
I recommend that you first test your configuration while running as a console and later on install it as an service.

    Syntax : wCron [-install] [-remove] [-console]
             Unix style cron service for Windows
    Options: -install   install as service and start
             -remove    stop service and uninstall
             -console   run as console (for debugging)

    Example: wCron -install   # will create the service only
             wCron            # will start the service
             wCron -console   # will run in it console mode

    Steps for installation as a window service:
    1) Edit wCron.ini for correct settings
    2) wCron -install
    3) If the service should run on a other user, edit the properties of the service.
    4) wCron    or select the start option in the service menu         
Multiple cron services can be installed by renaming the exe.
Every cron services will use its own and log file
This enables you to run your tasks under different user credentials