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 wSSH: General

wSSH is a windows service program which supports ssh, sftp, scp and portforwarding.
SSH protocol provides strong encryption of data, and authentication of users over 
insecure networks, such as Internet.

- small footprint
- console version
- administration GUI
- unlimited connections
- support for NTauthentication
- support for GSSAPI authentication
- support for public keys
- virtual accounts
- restricted user access
- restricted SFTP with fixed rootdir
- uses ini files for configuration
- generate windows eventlog events
- plugable OpenSSL library (FIPS140-2 certificated).
- source included (vc++ 2008)

wSSH can be run on NT based operating systems, starting from Windows NT version 4.0.
There are no special hardware requirements, any computer that can run WinNT will be sufficient.
wSSH uses very low amount of resources, the use of resources is mostly dependent on the number of users and what kind of applications they use.

wSSH may be used free of charge, but if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources I have expended developing and supporting it over the years, and also help defer the costs of running the web server, I do accept and appreciate donations.

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Thank you in advance for your support!