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 wSSH: Installation

For the installation you will need administrator rights
Download the zip file and run the program Setup_wSSH.exe as Administrator.
This Windows installer will ask you for the install directory and unpack all files. 
Also it will register a DLL which is used for all SSH communication.
Default it will only allow connections from localhost and 1 user test (pwd  test)
is allowed to have access.

The wSSH program can be run as a console or as a service.
After installation you can start the Administator GUI to configure the wSSH service.
Of course you can do also everything from the commandline

Syntax : wSSH <option>
         A SSH Server for secure communication

Options: -install     install the wSSH service
         -remove      remove  the wSSH service
         -run         run it as a console
         -start       will start the service
         -stop        will stop the service

Example: wSSH -install   # will create the service only
         wSSH            # will create and start the service
         wSSH -run       # will run in it console mode

Steps for installation as a window service:
1) Edit wSSH.ini for correct settings
2) wSSH -install
3) If the service should run on a other user, edit the properties of the service.
4) wSSH     or select the start option in the service menu