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 wSSH: Source

The sourcecode of wSSH is included. But since it uses a licensed DLL for the real SSH communications, the source will be stripped from the licensekey.
That means you can change or rebuild the sourcecode, but it will not work with the supplied DLL.
You must then download the (functional) demo version and use that DLL to test your version of wSSH.
The information about the used DLL can be found at WEONLYDO software wodSSHsServer component
Please buy a license from these guys, they deliver a fantastic product with great technical support.

Revision 2.1  2016/04/17
- Added adminstration GUI
- GUI shows stats and last log of running wSSH service
- public key file can contain multiple keys and supports settings for each key
- modify allowed ciphers

Revision 1.9  2011/07/17
- Uses latest wodsshd.dll
- Welcome and announce support envvars in it
- Maximize userinput to prevent buffer overflows
- Error message when listening port is occupied
- Added HomeDir and Path in user config
- More information in messages
- allowPubKey can also be used in server section
- extended the NSIS install script

Revision 1.8  2011/01/06
- Extended some logging to report more connection details
- Autodeny hosts when login attempt fails
- Added option to specify which openssl library to use
- Use latest wodsshd.dll
- Added support for GSSAPI logins
- Start/stop of server on cmdline asks for return
- console mode shows some more details
- added connection state changes in debug mode
- number of password tries can be specified (default 3)
- automatic reload of server settings when they are changed
- Restricted tunnel requests, file should exist allowing a tunnel request
  file tunnel_any_any_any.allow, __ or one of them 'any'
- Added SSH_USER, SSH_CLIENT and SSH_CONNECTION environment vars

Revision 1.5  2007/07/07
- Logging has been revised, contains now more information
- wssh -run (console mode) will output all available logging
- console logging includes the messageid
- Tunnel checks for filterrules.

Revision 1.2  2007/03/18
- DLL uses now OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. 
  See certificate #733 at
- Added some extra messages and documentated the errorlist

Revision 1.1  2007/01/28 
- Timeout is default set to unlimited
- renamed rSSH to wSSH

Revision 1.0  2007/01/10 
- Initial release